Why Trademark? Benefits both National and International…

You’re likely familiar with trademarks – the little ™ or ® symbol you see next to all of your favorite brands. That little symbol, however, pulls a lot of weight. A trademark can make a world of difference to your company and products, as well as help launch your business into a national or global brand. 

  1. A Federal Trademark Protects Your Product Nationally

The ™ symbol can be used on any mark to which a business asserts rights as a unique identifier of the origin of goods and services. A mark doesn’t have to be registered to achieve this end, but federally registered trademarks, denoted as ®, enjoy the broadest protections under law. Not all trademarks qualify for federal registration. This can be because the mark does not meet one or more of the essential criteria for registration, as explained more fully in our blog article for March 2022, “Not just a pretty face: some tips on protectable marks in a world of copycats and grifters.” Or it could be because the mark isn’t used in interstate commerce, an essential gating criterion for federal registration. (This occurs when a mark is used, for example, within the borders of just one state.) In that case, it may be advisable to register that mark in the state where it’s used. 

  1. Trademarks are Assets

Trademarks typically constitute valuable assets of the business. As you use the trademark in commerce, it acquires goodwill through recognition and an association with the quality and identity of goods and services. In time, the trademark may even be the most valuable thing your business owns. Protecting your trademark is therefore important. And one key way to do so is to register your mark.

  1. Federal Trademarks can Help Launch Your Product Worldwide

If you find success and decide to expand to other countries, the first step is having a federally registered trademark. After registering with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) you may start registering your trademark internationally, in accordance with the Madrid Protocol. Using USPTO, you can ask to register internationally through the World Intellectual Property Organization, which will forward your application to over 90 other countries. 

When it comes to enforcing your trademarks, Baker Janner is ready to ensure that your brand identity is secure. The branding of your business is part of your foundation for success, so contact us today to begin leveraging trademarks for your business.

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