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Like Ebenezer Scrooge, businesses all too frequently treat legal risk like an unwanted phantom at the door, ignored until it bursts into the room to dredge through the past, upend the present, and threaten profits and opportunities yet to come.

But, like any risk, you can actively manage and control legal risk and even turn it into a competitive advantage by:

  • Thinking holistically about what it means to enter into a contract or undertake a particular endeavor, controlling for performance over time;
  • Structuring the contract or endeavor to account for your business’ needs, its objectives and performance goals, the regulatory environment, and other key factors; and
  • Engaging with contract and corporate litigation in strategic and thoughtful ways, cognizant of the process and your business’ trajectory, both short- and long-term.

The attorneys at Baker Jenner have assisted multiple businesses of various sizes and at various stages, from the boardroom to the courtroom. Having been with our clients at their best and most challenging moments, we understand what goes into building and maintaining a business and creating value.

What follows are three interrelated and practical resources that businesses can use in planning for legal risk. They include:

  • While the Sun is Shining (and Contract Negotiations Are Afoot);
  • Clouds on the Horizon (Performing the Contract); and
  • When the Rain Starts Pouring (and Litigation Looms).

These resources are a product of our experience. We hope they provide business owners and executive management concrete and useful guidelines to manage legal risk.

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