Harnessing a Diverse Workforce – a Short Reference Guide on Avoiding Religious Discrimination

Freedom of religion has deep roots in American history, stemming from the great diversity of peoples, faiths, practices and philosophies that have helped define our civic culture and values. But in application, freedom of religion–and from religion–have proven subtle and more thorny questions, especially when applied to private modes of business, association, and conduct. In short, what can a private employer be Read More

New Georgia law raises a question: is your independent contractor now your employee?

In May 2022, House Bill 389 (HB 389) was signed into law and became effective as of July of this year. HB 389 brought significant updates to the definition of employment in Georgia, ostensibly expanding the class of persons who qualify for employer contributions to unemployment. But, HB 389 can be expected to have broader ramifications for employers, including a potential expansion liability for unpaid taxes, minimum Read More

Using Mediation to Resolve Your Business Disputes

There are times when disputes between business partners arise, and it can be difficult to settle them without outside help. Mediation is a process that can help to resolve these disputes, and it can benefit both parties. To start, mediation is often cheaper than going to court. It can also be faster and more informal than traditional methods of dispute resolution. This means that it can be a good option for small Read More

Due Diligence Can Make or Break Your M&A Deal

When you’re selling a business, high-quality due diligence is essential to keeping both sides happy. Buyers want to ensure that your business really is what was agreed upon, and if provided poorly conducted due diligence, could back out of the deal. Sellers should ensure that they’re following these guidelines to prevent a deal from falling through. Conduct an Audit Buyers are primarily interested in confirming the Read More

The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Contracts

While no business can remove itself entirely from the risk of litigation, a well-written contract can certainly help. Your contracts should always serve your business, your relationships, and the deal at hand by providing both protection and a set of terms that clearly define the agreement. With these aspects of a quality contract in mind, you’ll be able to handle business disputes in the best way possible - Read More

Take Care of Your Business Disputes Before They Get Out of Hand

Disputes between business associates can get out of hand quickly, and potentially spell the end for your business if not handled with the urgency and care they demand. These disputes frequently stem from disagreements about the future path of the business, or an owner acting in a manner which causes distrust between partners. However they may arise, resolving these issues in one way or another is critical to the Read More

Why Trademark? Benefits both National and International…

You’re likely familiar with trademarks – the little ™ or ® symbol you see next to all of your favorite brands. That little symbol, however, pulls a lot of weight. A trademark can make a world of difference to your company and products, as well as help launch your business into a national or global brand.  A Federal Trademark Protects Your Product Nationally The ™ symbol can be used on any mark to which a business Read More

FDA Proposes New Rules for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

In February 2022, FDA proposed new rules for the licensure of wholesale drug distributors (WDDs) and third-party logistics (3PL) providers. These rules, if approved, would amend 21 CFR parts 10, 12, 16, and 205. Click here for the text. If approved in their current form, FDA’s new rules would not only expand the class of persons subject to licensure, but also preempt many state and local licensure requirements, Read More

Not Just a Pretty Face: Some Tips on Protectable Marks in a World of Copycats and Grifters

Most people are familiar with the trademark symbol (™), registered trademark symbol (®), and their service mark equivalents. But most people are likely unfamiliar with the Lanham Act, which is the law behind those symbols. Enacted just a few months after the end of WWII, the Lanham Act established a number of the intellectual property protections upon which businesses depend today to signal and promote the quality Read More

The Peculiar Case of the Cease & Desist

“Stranger Things” was all the rage In 2017. Looking to cash-in on the popularity, a couple of friends launched a “Stranger Things” pop-up bar in Chicago. The bar was a hit with locals. But it was less so with the legal team at Netflix. It wasn’t long before Netflix sent the bar owners a cease and desist letter, threatening to call the bar owners’ moms and citing the horrors of Demogorgon if the bar lingered beyond Read More