Why You Need the Strategic Edge Provided by a Litigator

No matter what industry you’re in, the certainty of legal challenges is as consistent as the market's demand for innovation and growth. Effectively handling challenges requires a legal advisor who is not confined to just traditional counsel roles but is equipped with robust litigation skills. The unique dual expertise of a business attorney who also practices as a litigator provides a strategic edge essential for any Read More

Legal Revolution in Modern Business Planning

In recent years, the function of attorneys within corporate environments has shifted significantly. Previously viewed largely as defenders in legal disputes, their role now includes major contributions to strategic business decisions and risk management. Proactive financial planning for legal contingencies significantly influences a company's operational success. It also potentially opens the door to additional Read More


The below is merely informational and does not communicate, whether intentionally or otherwise, any legal, compliance or other advice. In our February 2023 Client Alert, we advised that the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) had issued its proposed rule prohibiting non-competes nationally, an early policy initiative of the Biden Administration. Over a year later, on April 23, 2024, the FTC issued its 570-page Final Read More

Striking the Balance While Crafting Effective Executive Employment Agreements

Executive employment agreements form the cornerstone of a successful and clear relationship between executives and the organizations for which they work. These documents are more than mere formalities; they are comprehensive contracts that outline the expectations, duties, and rights of both parties. By establishing these parameters from the outset, both the executives and the company can benefit from a structured Read More

The Corporate Transparency Act: A New Era for Business Reporting

The below is merely informational and does not communicate, whether intentionally or otherwise, any legal, compliance or other advice. Ostensibly intended as an anti-money laundering tool, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) constitutes a significant intrusion by the federal government into the affairs of domestic and foreign corporate entities otherwise excluded from U.S. public disclosure requirements. Effective Read More


BAKER JENNER CLIENT ALERT! The below is merely informational and does not communicate, whether intentionally or otherwise, any legal, compliance, or other advice. In our blog article, to be released later this month, we discuss the Corporate Transparency Act or “CTA,” which became effective January 1 of this year. The CTA is a sweeping piece of federal anti-money laundering legislation that, if it stands – Read More

Ensuring Legal Compliance and Workplace Harmony

Building on the foundational practices of managing employee complaints, it's crucial to delve deeper into advanced strategies that not only address immediate concerns but also reinforce long-term legal compliance and workplace harmony. In this part II discussion, we explore additional facets of complaint management, including proactive measures, advanced interviewing techniques, and the integration of complaint Read More

Effective Management of Employee Complaints

Managing employee complaints effectively is essential to maintaining a healthy business environment.  An effective employee complaint procedure can provide an employer with legal defenses in the event of a civil action and foster a positive workplace where employees feel they are heard and treated justly.   Below we review the steps for handling employee complaints, including receipt of the employee’s complaint, the Read More

Balancing Business Operations with Infighting Management

In the corporate world, disputes among business partners often loom as an omnipresent challenge, threatening not just the financial stability but also the operational harmony of your business. Internal disputes bring a web of complexities, demanding considerable investments of both time and money, thereby highlighting an essential need: forward-thinking and strategic planning via thorough corporate structuring and Read More

An Effective Employee Handbook is Crucial for Your Business

Managing employees is one of the most difficult parts of running a business.  Ironically, the cornerstone of personnel management, an employee handbook, is a critical task that is too often overlooked. This document serves as a comprehensive guide, establishing clear policies and procedures within the workplace. The handbook’s vital role in operations and dispute resolution cannot be overstated, establishing clear Read More