Business & IP Litigation

Baker Jenner has extensive litigation experience ranging from early-stage disputes through to trials and appeals. We work with you to help manage the flow of litigation, to derive optimal settlement and litigation strategies, and to control the disruption that demands and lawsuits can pose to your business.

From minor matters to “bet-the-company” moments, we understand the pressures and strains litigation can cause. Our extensive experience both inside and outside the legal industry informs our approach and the way we work with you and key stakeholders to craft solutions conformed to your specific goals and expectations.

Breaches of contract

Breaches of fiduciary duty

Civil RICO & fraud

Confidentiality agreements

False advertising
& unfair competition

False association &
false designation of origin

Licenses & intellectual property

Ownership disputes &
shareholder derivative actions

Real estate

Trademark disputes

Business Transactions & Operations

Baker Jenner understands the various business and compliance challenges that companies confront in managing their daily affairs. We advise and assist owners and management on internal conflicts and customer and vendor disputes; in the negotiation and documentation of contracts and deals; on mergers and acquisitions; and in managing and enforcing the agreements and transactions that are the life blood of commerce and your success.

Baker Jenner’s attorneys represent clients in many industries, including food and beverage, life sciences, health services, real estate and development, and manufacturing and consulting. Our clients include emerging businesses, middle-market companies making their marks, and major and established players. We understand business, through the good times and the bad; from inception, through growth and to success.

You know where you’re going.  We’ll help you get there.

Confidential information
& trade secrets

Contract research & sales



Drug development


for trademarks & IP

Mergers & acquisitions


Product development

Quality assurance

Emerging Business & Corporate Formation

Baker Jenner understands what it means to start and grow a business. Our attorneys’ considerable personal experience outside of the legal industry, including forming and growing companies, drives their approach in helping entrepreneurs and company founders realize their ideas, while avoiding the pitfalls that can plague a business in its most vulnerable moments.

We have the knowledge and background to assist in everything from business entity formation through to capital raising, safeguarding of intellectual property assets, negotiating and closing key contracts, and business asset sales and acquisitions. Baker Jenner is a trusted partner at each stage in your business’ development and growth.  We help you start your business right, and step-by-step, achieve your goals.

Articles & bylaws

Asset acquisitions & sales

Business counseling

Buy-sell agreements

Entity formation

Operating & shareholder agreements

Ownership disputes

Risk Analysis

Employment & Restrictive Covenants

Baker Jenner partners with owners and management to resolve employment disputes, to protect company interests and property, and to draft executive and employee agreements that foster productive employee relations. At Baker Jenner, we firmly believe that drafting the right agreement means first understanding you, your people, and your industry.

Baker Jenner’s attorneys are experienced in EEOC investigations, harassment and discrimination law, and other sensitive areas that can affect the relationship between employer and employee. By building the right processes and procedures, and having the right forms and documents, businesses can optimally plan for a positive and productive work environment.  When a dispute or claim arises, Baker Jenner partners with you to defend your business.

Employee handbooks

Employment agreements

Employment disputes & litigation

Ethical operating standard handbooks

Executive contracts

Non-competes & non-solicits

Policies & procedures

Work product &
assignments of IP

Food & Drug Law

Baker Jenner collaborates with pharmaceutical drug, medical device, nutraceutical, and other businesses regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to formulate innovative approaches and solutions, make informed decisions, and plan for and control governmental and industry risk. We understand the delicate balance clients must strike between fulfilling business and growth objectives, and satisfying the multitude of statutes, laws, rules, regulations, and guidance that dominate their respective industries.

From practical considerations, like promotional claims and the training of sales representatives, to manufacturing, user fees, and commercial free speech, Baker Jenner helps businesses meet their strategic and product objectives.  With key in-house and communications experience, Baker Jenner’s attorneys know food and drug law from the business perspective, and we understand the unique concerns and challenges you face.

Contract research organizations

Contract sales organizations

Co-promotion agreements

Form 483 responses
& responses to FDA action

Manufacturing agreements

Promotional review committees

Product development

Product approval

Quality agreements

General Counsel

With extensive experience as General Counsel, Baker Jenner’s attorneys know what it means to be a trusted partner and member of the business team. Responsible for more than just traditional legal advice, Baker Jenner understands that attorneys who serve as General Counsel should appreciate what that advice means for the business, its people, and its strategic objectives.

Laws and regulations play an increasing role in business operations and deal formation. Having a trusted partner who can mediate those laws and regulations—and even use them to competitive advantage—can make all the difference.

Whether serving as outside General Counsel, or supporting and expanding the capabilities of an already established Legal Department, Baker Jenner is ready to be part of your team.

Corporate governance

Fiduciary duty

Contracts and transactions

Deal formation

Risk assessment and planning

Promotional campaigns

Trademarks, trade dress, and get-ups

Intellectual property formation and protection

Consulting and employment agreements

Employee handbooks

Employee policies and guidelines

Product Liability & Personal Injury Defense

Baker Jenner’s attorneys are experienced in the representation of top Fortune companies and international manufacturers in product liability and personal injury/wrongful death  lawsuits in federal and state courts. We have experience with the following product categories: automobiles, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food, heavy/industrial equipment, lawn equipment and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System).

Baker Jenner offers clients skilled advocacy, broad experience, and the ability to consume and clearly convey technical information and concepts.  We learn your product so we can defend it – in the courtroom and on appeal.

Appellate advocacy

Catastrophic personal injury

Failure to warn

General negligence claims

Multi-case litigation management

Punitive damages

Premises liability

Product liability


Wrongful death


We work with top Fortune companies, international businesses, middle-market movers and shakers, regional companies and emerging businesses from the boardroom and the courtroom. Let’s talk about your needs and how we can meet them.