Ensuring Legal Compliance and Workplace Harmony

Building on the foundational practices of managing employee complaints, it's crucial to delve deeper into advanced strategies that not only address immediate concerns but also reinforce long-term legal compliance and workplace harmony. In this part II discussion, we explore additional facets of complaint management, including proactive measures, advanced interviewing techniques, and the integration of complaint Read More

Effective Management of Employee Complaints

Managing employee complaints effectively is essential to maintaining a healthy business environment.  An effective employee complaint procedure can provide an employer with legal defenses in the event of a civil action and foster a positive workplace where employees feel they are heard and treated justly.   Below we review the steps for handling employee complaints, including receipt of the employee’s complaint, the Read More

Balancing Business Operations with Infighting Management

In the corporate world, disputes among business partners often loom as an omnipresent challenge, threatening not just the financial stability but also the operational harmony of your business. Internal disputes bring a web of complexities, demanding considerable investments of both time and money, thereby highlighting an essential need: forward-thinking and strategic planning via thorough corporate structuring and Read More

An Effective Employee Handbook is Crucial for Your Business

Managing employees is one of the most difficult parts of running a business.  Ironically, the cornerstone of personnel management, an employee handbook, is a critical task that is too often overlooked. This document serves as a comprehensive guide, establishing clear policies and procedures within the workplace. The handbook’s vital role in operations and dispute resolution cannot be overstated, establishing clear Read More

Updated Rules to Improve Expert Testimony

Experts are the superheroes of litigation, using their powers of expert qualification and testimony to point the jury towards a just outcome.   However, if those powers are unchecked, experts can lead juries astray with unreliable or irrelevant opinions.  Recent changes to the rules governing expert testimony aim to ensure that only reliable and relevant expert testimony is heard by juries.  What is an Expert Read More

5 Crucial Considerations When Starting a Business with a Friend

Starting a business is an exciting venture, and embarking on this journey with a friend amplifies your shared enthusiasm and vision.  After all, if you have a strong personal relationship, it should be able to withstand the ups and downs of business ownership, right? Before diving in head first, acknowledge that along with the promise of success, challenges and disagreements will be inevitable.  To ensure a Read More

Fortifying Your Defense with Documentation

In a world where dispute is inevitable, an unassailable defense can often be the ultimate differentiator. To preemptively build a robust shield against potential litigation, professionals and business owners must embrace the arts of documentation and preservation. With the right document preservation strategies in place, your organization can pave the way for a compelling defense, safeguarding its integrity and Read More

Defending Yourself in a Contract Dispute

Contract litigation can make or break your business, regardless of your size.   But there are ways to mitigate the risks even before they arise with experienced legal guidance and effective contract practices.  In the event that you face a contract lawsuit, there are steps you can take that will improve your chances of a positive outcome and protect your business from unnecessary costs. Establishing a Preemptive Read More

Knowing When to Knock on the Courthouse Door

Speaking on the uncertainties of absinthe, Oscar Wilde quipped that “After the first glass, you see things as you wish they were. After the second, you see things as they are not. Finally, you see things as they really are, and that is the most horrible thing in the world.” Wilde’s experience, however, is not limited to absinthe. As many a business can relate, a failing contract can have much the same effect, as the Read More

Navigating Regulatory and Business Challenges in Highly Regulated Industries

Before 2018, Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, the company she founded, were lauded nationally and internationally for a magic box that promised a new era in democratized healthcare. On that promise, Theranos attracted some $700 Million in funding, signed a deal with Walgreens, and reached the dizzying heights of a $10 Billion valuation – all without turning a profit. The truth, however, was that Theranos’ magic box Read More